About Penguin Budo

Penguin Budo was launched in 2016 by long-term Aikidoka, Brad Palmer (2nd Dan).

Proudly part of the North West Tasmanian community, Penguin Budo offers a range of martial art and fitness classes to Men, Women and Children.

Located in Sulpher Creek on the stunning coastline, Penguin Budo proudly offers two styles of Aikido including Gyokushin Ryu Aikido (pre-war) and Yuishinkai Aikido (post-war) where the two uniquely harmonise bringing to life the very essence of O Sensei’s (the founder) vision, that being; a harmonious world. 

Additionally, Penguin Budo offers OMMA, an Open Mat Martial Arts where many forms (boxing, kickboxing, karate, kali, ku fung, aikido, jiu-jitsu, groundwork and weapons) come together focusing on the most practical elements of the arts.

If martial arts is not your thing then our friendly community orientated training facility also offers fitness classes to adults and teenagers who simply want to focus on raising their fitness levels and overall health and wellbeing.